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D Magazine's Peter Simek Tells us What 'Walls are Rising' can Teach us.

Yesterday, January 19, the AIA screened the "lost" 1967 film "The Walls are Rising" about the future of Dallas.


He says, "Walls Are Rising represents a transitional point in this city’s thinking about itself. Released in the wake of J. Erik Jonsson’s Goals For Dallas program, it is a symptom of a civic enthusiasm that would define how this city would address its problems for the next 50 years. This is a vision of a city handed over to the “experts,” dictated from the top down. It is a city that is looking outside of itself – to the great European capitals, to the models of antiquity, to the successful urban places on the East coast – for answers to problems that are particularly its own."

What a ‘Lost’ 1967 Film Can Teach Us About How To Build Dallas’ Future

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